Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Melanie is sitting a lot more now. Its amazing to believe that in only 3 days my baby will be 6 months old!! Its seems like yesterday when I was on bedrest and then when I had my 5 lbs baby. Now she is Miss Independence and she loves to roll everywhere, and now.. she sits
Where did time go??

Tea Time!!

Madison and Melanie played tea time yesterday. They had a blast. Maddy is really loving having a sissy now because Melanie is not a newborn anymore so she laughs with Maddy and really pays attention to what Maddy does. It was great to see my girls hanging out and having a good time. Here are some pics :)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


E and Tali came last night.. Kris and Bryan went out and we had the kiddos yesterday. They had a blast! and of course.. Madison was so happy! We made pizzas and they played Wii. They were also outside for a while and we sat and watched a movie. Here are some pics of cousins time! Maddy and Tali played Wii together and then Madison cuddled with Talia while they watched Monster House. We love those kiddos!

Trip to the Lake

So we went to the Palmer Lake.. its north of Colorado Springs and Maddy had a really good time. She saw a crab (or lobster looking thing) so she grabbed a stick and started poking it so the thing was pinching the stick, it was so funny to watch because it looked like the Finding Nemo crabs that get all mad and start pinching hehe. We took some pics and Melanie got to sit on a big kids swing too!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

My girlies

We played all day yesterday inside because it was so hot.. so I took a few pics of the girls. They had a blast. Its the best thing in the world to see how much they love each other!

Snow White and Cinderella

We were playing dress up yesterday so Maddy (typical woman) couldnt decide what costume she wanted to wear so she tried on Snow White and Cinderella over and over... final decision.. Ariel lol

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Link for our Disney Cruise blog

Here it is everybody!



I wanted to share to all of you that the Larson Family has finally paid for our Disney Cruise! We are beyond excited.. its a trip that we have so waited for and hoped for. We paid for it tonight and we now are on our way to the Caribbean with Mickey Mouse!
I opened a new blog that will be our countdown and preparation for that special day!!! The day we embark on a trip of a lifetime.
I will post the link for our new blog really soon!

Did anybody say.. Kozypal cart covers?? We did!

Check this out! My friend Kim gave the a link for the place where she bought her shopping cart cover that I like so much. We ordered one and here are some pics of Melanie using her new Kozypal. She really liked shopping with it and she even took a long needed nap.

Best buds

Melanie and Ava are very busy babies... here is what they did at the park hehe

My baby is sitting

Melanie is sitting!!! She tried a couple of times but I finally able to caught it on tape. She will be 6 months at the end of this month! She is growing so fast sniff sniff

Melanie eats canteloupe for the first time

Gina gave Melanie some canteloupe at the park and she loved it!!!!!!!! Can you tell?

Maddy and Jilli

Madison loves Jilli.. she is gonna miss her so very much when they move. Here are a couple of pics that I took at the park of Maddy and Jeeeeeeeeeeelly like Maddy calls her.

Friends for life!!

They are definitely best buddies for life!! Here is the cutest pic of Allie, Maddy, Jilliand and Kai at the park.

Friday, July 11, 2008


They had such a good time yesterday.. we did all kinds of stuff and we were playing with Maddy's kitchen and food for a while.. here are some pics. Madison is sooo gentle and so caring with her baby sister. She is always looking out for her to make sure Melanie is happy and well taken care of.. and Melanie is just Madison's #1 fan, she is always looking to see where Madison is, what is she doing, etc
Here are some pics of playtime with her baby sister.


My pretty big girl... she is just hilarious.. the other day she was standing on her hands and head and said to me... look mommy Im doing "gynnnnnastickys" hehehe


My little princess.... she is such a happy baby!!

Mr and Mrs McDreamy

LOL! Kim made me laugh so hard... after we went to eat hot wings we took the girls to the movies to watch Horton Hears a Who and as we were walking into the theater we saw a huge thing with McDreamy on it with a hole for you to put your head on the pic to pretend you were the one marrying him.. for those who dont know McDreamy is Patrick Dempsey (HOT!) his character from Grey's Anatomy is McDreamy and Kim's dream man so here she is.... introducing.. Mr and Mrs McDreamy... hehe sorry about the flash.. without it the pic came so bad so I had to take it with flash

Eating mushrooms

We went out with the Harms last weekend and we went to this really yummy place called Buffalo Wild Wings.. here are the little princesses eating mushrooms as you can tell... the mushrooms were hot! but they couldnt wait lol

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Adventures in solid feedings

So Melanie is now eating solids.. she hates cereal for sure! just like her big sis. But she really liked sweet potatoes. I cant believe she is old enough to eat solids.. she is growing so fast. Anyways, I took some pics to show from beginning to end what she thought of sweet potatoes hehe enjoy!

4th of July pics

We spent our 4th of July with the Harms.. we had a blast! Mike and Kim invited us to Valerie's house (Mike's mom) for a BBQ and then we went to Castle Rock for fireworks. We had a very good time! Maddy and her BFF got to swim and play together. And we saw all the little babies too! Ava, Zephyr and Britney. It was a blast! Thanks to the Harms for inviting us!
Here are some pics

Crib recalled!

UGH how annoying.. our crib was recalled!! So we had to buy a new one. We bought Melanie a really cute crib at Babies R Us.. luckily the company (Jardine) is going to send us a voucher for the new crib so we can get our money back.. anyways.. its not blue but its very cute! Here it is! oh and also.. it turns into a toddler bed and a full size bed too!