Monday, June 30, 2008

Madison will be 3 soon!

I cannot believe she will be 3.. my baby is now a preschooler!!! Speaking of.. she will be going to preschool soon. She will be going to Springs Community Church. Maddy is going to preschool with her best bud Allie! They will be in the same class together.. the honey bee class.
She is going to go tuesdays and thrusday from 9 am to noon. And she is going to have gymnastics at Aerials Gymnastics on wednesday and ballet on monday. Yeah she is gonna be busy!! hehe
About her birthday... its gonna be fun!
We are going to celebrate Maddy's birthday at Build a Bear! She is so excited. We will have a few of her little friends and they will all make a bear. We are doing her party on my birthday lol because its a sunday and everybody including Matt will be off that day.
I cannot wait! She is soo soo excited and also we are so happy that her buddy Jilli will be here for her birthday too! Jillian and Emma are moving to Texas and we are gonna miss them so much. Madison is so happy she will be able to have Jilli at her birthday party before she moves.
Well.. thats all for now.. Madison is definitely growing to be a little girl and no longer a baby. I am just so excited of all the cool things that are ahead of us! School activities, etc. I cant wait even tho makes me a little sad that she is growing so fast I am so excited to find out what kind of new things we will do in the months and years to come!

Look what Madison and Melanie got!...

For 25 dollars on craigslist!! WHAT A DEAL THAT WAS!

Madison and Tyler

Maddy met some new friends!! Our neighbors have 2 cute little kiddos.. Tyler who is 4 and Hannah who is 18 months. She loves to play with them outside.. Here is a pic that I took a couple of days ago when she was riding her trike outside with Tyler


These little girls totally melt my heart.. never in a million of years i would have thought that God was going to be so kind to us and send us such an amazing friends. Madison just loves her Allison so much. Kim and I say that they are like twins separated at birth hehe.
Here are some pics that I took the other day at Lil' Biggs. They had a blast!

Melanie and Emma

Sorry I have been so behind with pics.. I am trying to catch up hehe. Kids keep me so busy!
We watched Emma a couple of weeks ago and they had such a good time! She is a cutie! Here are some pics of Melanie and Emma..

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Jenna's visit

Our friend Jenna came to visit from Las Vegas and we had a blast.. we miss her so much. We had a little get together at Kim's and then we went out to PF Changs for dinner. It was so nice to sit down and chat with her. Jenna we miss you so much!
Buuuuuuuuuuuut the good news is that Kim and I will be going to Las Vegas at the end of July! We cannot wait.. we will be there for a few days hanging out with Jenna.
Here's a pic of our GNO
Love you girls!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Good Vibes G's

GDiapers came up with a new little G Pant.. they are called Good Vibes so we got Melanie one and she looks so cute!!!!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Swimming update

Maddy started taking swimming lessons 2 weeks ago... she took a couple of classes and she is so not afraid of water.. so the teacher decided to bump her up to the next level!!
She was able to float by herself with no help on her back and swim like that.. her teacher said that she swims better than 5 year olds! So now Maddy will be going to the 3-4 year old class. I am so proud of you princess!

Ballet news!

Maddy started ballet classes at the YMCA... where the Larson family now belong to, so she began taking ballet, tumbling and swimming lessons and she just absolutely loves it! She had an amazing first day and her teacher is very good.. pretty strict but sooo good. Maddy did everything just like her teacher asked her to and as I was walking out of the class her teacher pulled me aside and said: "Your daughter has the moves and the body to be a ballerina" I was soooo proud!!!!!!
Here are some pics of Maddy during class.