Wednesday, January 28, 2009

15 Maddy??!!!!

She just continues to do amazing!!!  Here's a video of Maddy flipping!  But 15 times!  Way to go Maddy. You are doing amazing!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Aloha Lilo!

Maddy loves her new costume!!  She is going to be Lilo for the Cruise. She just loves Lilo and Stitch so much so she decided she wanted to be Lilo. She has been wearing the costume non stop. We only have a little bit over 3 months before we embark on the trip of a lifetime and I cannot wait to see what Madison and Melanie are going to think of such an amazing experience. Here are some pics of my little Lilo... Aloha!!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Gymnastics video!

Here's an update!  Madison is back in gymnastics after 2 long weeks of Christmas break.. She was desperate to come back. She went to her class wearing her new Shawn Johnson leo, she took her Shawn Johson doll, etc... she was all ready for class. She had a great class!  She is gaining so much speed when she is on the harness doing full back tucks!  And she is now doing them in the air. Kathy is trying to see if Maddy will do them without holding on to the harness so hopefully soon she will be able to!  She is doing great, we paid for her tuition for the this new session and for next term we will be doing private lessons twice a month with coach Kathy, and if everything goes like Kathy is planning on she will be starting on advance by next fall!. Heres a new video of our little gymnast. She is progressing so much at what she is learning!

My big girl

My baby is getting so fast!  She is now drinking out of a sippy cup and drinking whole milk!!  We are finishing up the last can of formula we have but after that she is done and she will be drinking regular milk. Here are some pics of my big girl and her new friend... her sippy cup!

Sisters fun!

The girls had a blast the other day. They had a relaxing morning playing in their jammies and then they played all day together. We stayed home and hung out, played games, watch movies, etc. Here are some pics of my babies having a fun day playing together.

Reyes Magos! (3 Kings Day)

Every year in Mexico we have the tradition of the 3 Kings Day (Reyes Magos in spanish). Since we were kids we waited anxiously for them to bring presents on the morning of January 6th. I have always encourage my children to be mexican like I am. Even tho we live in US our kids have another heritage that I want them to be proud of. There are so many judgements about how life in Mexico is and all I can say is.. its wonderful. I couldnt be any more proud of being who I am. Madison and Melanie get to have so many more traditions like I did when I was little. Maddy loves 3 Kings day and she had a blast this year sharing with her little sister that special day.  They left their shoe the night before and the 3 Kings came while they were sleeping and left a little gift for them. Here are the pics..

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Allison and Madison New Years fun!

The girls had a blast!! The played so much and they were so happy to see each other. It was so funny because Madison had her cheerleader outfit on for the New Years and when she opened the door Allie was wearing hers too hahaha It was so cute!  They played Wii and they watched the new Ariel movie. Here are some pics of the little bffs celebrating New Years together!


Madison the gymnast, ballerina and now... the cheerleader

So this kiddo is gonna keep us busy. LOL  She is definitely a gymnastics girl, she loves ballet (although she says she gets bored a little bit) I guess ballet is too mellow for her haha, and now she wants to be a cheerleader too. Santa brought her a cheerleader costume and mommy got a cheerleader game for the Wii so this was the result. Did you check out the moves?? She is actually pretty good at it!  She even says... READY OK!  now haha. After her ballet recital on June 12th we are gonna stop going to ballet and she is gonna try cheerleading lessons so that, preschool and gymnastics she will be one busy woman and I will be well.. a taxi driver haha.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Years!

Goodbye 2008 and Welcome 2009!  Its a brand new year and I cannot wait to see what the new year is going to bring. I am sure not another baby tho so dont get too excited haha. We are so excited about the new things that are coming this year. Our cruise!!  we will be going on a trip of a lifetime in April to our Disney Cruise, Madison will turn 4 this year and she will be joining the advance gymnastics team!, she is also going to start Cheerleading in July and she will have her first ballet recital on June 12th. Melanie will be a toddler and she will be walking at some point!  And Matt and I as happy as we can be working on our house, our finances (not so excited about that lol) and just enjoying our girls together. We wish you an amazing year and all of our love!  Happy New Years!

The girls playroom is done!

After a lot of planning, decorating and waiting for Santa to come and drop some presents off at our house lol the playroom is finally done!!!  I am so excited to share the pics!  The girls are loving it and they are having so much fun together! Here are the pics 

Melanie is 11 months!

My baby is 11 months! She will be 1 in a month! I cannot believe how fast this year went by. We are getting so ready for her birthday party. She is just the most amazing baby ever. She is so happy that I cannot believe it. She loves saying mamma, dadda, hi, baba and she loves her sissy but she is definitely a mommy's girl. She is crawling everywhere, cruising around the furniture, going up the stairs, playing, laughing, etc. She is amazing!  She is our little miracle and I just love her so very much. My girls are my life and I love to see how much they love each other. We love you Meuuuanie!! Almost time for your 1st birthday!

1st haircut

Melanie had her first haircut!  My goodness I am not used to having a baby with hair haha. Madison had this much when she was 2!  I cut it myself and she did so good!  Here is a pic.. it looks so neat! hehe

Merry Christmas!

We had an amazing Christmas!!  We have the best family ever. It was so much fun! Thank you to everybody for all the wonderful times and the awesome gifts!  We love you all!!

Santa came! Santa came!

Santa was here!  Madison and Melanie were so excited!  Santa was very generous this year hahaha. Madison got her dollhouse of her dreams and Melanie got lots of new baby toys that she loves! Here are some pics of Santa's visit to the Larson home! 

Getting ready for Santa to come!

Maddy was so excited about Santa coming!  So we baked cookies for him and got some carrots for the reindeers hehe. Here are some pics of Maddy getting Santa's cookies and milk ready and counting carrots for the reindeers. She wanted to make sure that we had enough for all the reindeers. Melanie was sleeping already by the time we put the cookies out lol 

Christmas fun!

We had the best time with the fam!  Nay Nay, Auntie Cereal, Uncle J, Aunt Judy, Uncle Ken came to visit this year for Christmas and we had a blast!  We got to hang out and have a blast! Here are some pics!