Sunday, December 14, 2008

My girls

I love this girls.. what can I say. Just the best friends anyone could ask for!!!  Missing 3 of them very much.. Katie, Paige and Jenna.. its not the same without you guys here. I am so grateful and blessed to have them in my life. Thank you for always being there for me!!  To Kim, Paige, Katie, Sarah, Kim M, Gina, Jane, Jenna,  You guys rock and I love you very much!

Maddy and her favorite person!

This is the woman of the year.. hehe  Madison gymnastics coach. She has been sooo amazing with Madison. Madison just loves her so much and I am so happy and so grateful to her for giving Maddy so many opportunities and teach her so well. She is the sweetest person and she is so caring!  Thank you Miss Kathy!!

Gymnastics update!

So last week I took Madison to gymnastics and after class her coach asked me if we could have a talk. She told me that Madison will continue in her class for the next few months and she will start working on Madison a little more because as of fall of next year she will be officially in the advance preschool class!  its an invite only class!  The kids in the class is kids that are moving up by skill faster than their age group. She said that not only Madison loves it but she is definitely built for it. She was very excited to share the news with me and very happy that she will continue to work with Maddy!!  Oh and she also asked for Melanie to be in her class when she is old enough lol.
Go Maddy!

Melanie is 10 months old!

Our little princess is getting so big!  She is almost 1.. I wonder where did the time go?  She is just the most amazing baby ever. She is happy and definitely mommy's girl. We are getting ready for her first birthday party! Here are a couple pics of our little princess... she is 10 months old!  Exactly in a month and a half as of tomorrow she will be 1! 

Oh Christmas tree Oh Christmas tree

Our Christmas tree is up!  We cannot wait for Christmas to be here. The girls loved helping mommy and daddy put the Christmas tree up and Melanie loved looking at all of the lights. She is enjoying Christmas so much. I love how happy she gets looking at new things. Now we are just waiting for Santa!

Snow snow and more snow!

So our lovely cold weather is back!  Cold as it can be but the kids love it!  I wonder why?? Madison and Matt were playing outside and getting snow off the driveway and I took the first snow pics of 2008. Madison had a really good time throwing snow at me and dad. 

Thanksgiving fun!

We had a great Thanksgiving. We are a looot and the kids had a blast. Maddy learned how to eat whipped cream and Talia lost a tooth.. not the one that we were expecting to fall!! lol.. Here are some pics of the Larson/Lollich Thanksgiving 2008!

Happy Thanksgiving!

I havent posted for a while and I am way behind pics!!  But here are some pics of Melanie and Maddy on thanksgiving. They had a blast! And Melanie loved her first thanksgiving dinner. :)