Tuesday, March 31, 2009

9 weeks pregnant

Wow time is going super fast. I am already 9 weeks pregnant as of tomorrow. I will not be having any ultrasounds till June 8th which makes me actually very nervous. As you all know we didnt have any ultrasounds with Matthew and at the end we found out he wasnt going to make it at our "big ultrasound"  I guess now I am just leaving it up to God. God only knows I cannot take another loss and I am sure this baby is going to be just fine. We have our ultrasound on June 8th. 2 months to go. Its going to be so hard waiting till then!  So far I am feeling great. No major sickness or issues. I figured I would be more sick by now but I am actually feeling great. I havent really gotten a belly (you would think that this is my 4th baby I would have a huge belly by now) but I am actually just barely starting to get one. I cant wait to know what we are having!  but most of all to know that our baby is healthy and happy. I am sure this baby is a boy. I just know it. I have my next appt on April 7th. I will update then and I will post a belly pic too. I am kind of waiting to actually have a little bit of a belly to show otherwise I am just gonna be showing my fat haha.

Monday, March 30, 2009

State Meet 2009

What can I say.. Madison just had the time of her life. Our whole day was just amazing. You should have seen Maddy getting ready. She had me do her hair just the way the girls wear it. We did a ponytail and I bought her a curling iron so I curled her pony tail. We put so much glitter and she had her black and red ribbons. It was just so cute. She had her Aerials team leo on and we were on our way. She was so cute and so anxious to see her friends. She had the time of her life. She got to see all of her friends... she met their families and she was just quite the entretainment. She got to sit with Marla, Becca, the team, she hung out with Kathy, it was so much fun!!  I took my new camera and honestly I love that thing!! I got the pics that I wanted. So many people told me that they just think is so amazing how much she loves gymnastics even tho she is only 3. I think so too. Victoria and Maddy got to hang out and Maddy even got pics with her and the trophy. Maddy stood on first place and I was about to cry. I know one day she will get there and we will be cheering our little princess on. She woke up this morning talking about her day and I am so happy she got to experience the State Meet! Congrats to Colorado Aerials Level 10!!!  State Champs 2009!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

State Meet on sunday!

Soooo Madison is beyond excited. On Sunday she will be going to the State gymnastics meet!  She is finally gonna get to see her Toria (Victoria), Britnee, Sharaya, Holly, Kirsten and Maggie!  She is so flipping excited. She has been anxiously waiting to see them and she finally gets to do that. She is already planning what leo to wear although the poor thing thinks that she is competing with them lol.  Here's a pic of Maddy hanging out with her big girls while they were getting medals at the Pikes Peak Cup. She loves them!  aparently Maddy has become their little team mascot haha. 

Monday, March 23, 2009

Pullover video

It seems like just yesterday when Maddy was learning what a pullover is. Now she can do it all by herself with no problem!  I have been wanting to take a video of her pullovers but I always forget the camera, or the battery dies, etc. But here it is. They worked with Martha today too and Miss Kathy. She loved having Martha in class with her!  She is also the GK rep and she coached Maddy's class today with Miss Kathy. It was so much fun!.  We are trying to figure out what are we gonna do with Maddy for summer time. Miss Kathy is not going to be giving the monday class only the wednesday so Maddy will go on wednesdays with Kathy but we are not sure the rest of the week and Maddy doesnt want to stop going twice a week in fact she asked me for 3 times a week lol. Mr Zach told me that he has a class during summer time so he said that we can see what we can do about Maddy going on that class for the summer. So we'll see what we do. Once she goes to advance she will have Zac and Kathy as coaches so I think it might be a good idea to start her with Zac too. I asked her if she wanted to try swimming and she said no that thats for boys, then I asked her if she wanted to do soccer and she said thats for boys, and then I asked her if she wants to do cheerleading and she said.. Do they do gymnastics?? so I guess we will be doing gymnastics all week during summer time haha.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

An evening with Maddy Johnson

So usually during the day since my kid wont wear regular clothes but her leotards she practices at home. She takes her practice very seriously lol. She had Melanie and me watch her and clap after her routines. We spent about an hour just watching Maddy and taking pics. She loved it. It seems that this blog has become a gymnastics blog when it comes to Madison but thats all she does and talks about so here are more pics of Madison doing gymnastics haha.

She cant walk yet but she is a gymnast in training

Madison, Melanie and I spent an evening practicing gymnastics (as usual.. thats all Maddy does) so anyways, we were watching Maddy do gymnastics and Melanie decided she was going to give it a try too. She actually tried to do a front roll and she looked adorable. I am telling you.. its in my kids genes. She cannot walk yet but she wants to do gymnastics already!  Here are some pics of our future gymnast in training.

Miss Madison Swann

During our Disney Cruise they will have a Pirate Party on the ship. Everybody is going to dress up as pirates!  So we bought Madison an Elizabeth Swann costume. She loved it!  She was so excited to put it on and now it definitely feels closer than ever! Only a month left and we will be going on our cruise. Here are some pics of Miss Madison Swann.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Gymnastics in the sun

Nothing better than a super nice day outside. As you can see thanks to our lovely Colorado weather our lawn is fried. Matt has been working on it so hopefully once spring is here (well actually here) the grass will look nice and green. Maddy loved doing gymnastics outside. I have the feeling she is gonna be doing that all summer! She had a blast. She told me that she needed to practice for next week.. we are going to see the State meet next week and somehow she still thinks she is competing lol. So here is Maddy's at home training session. 

Just in case you were wondering

 How much Madison likes gymnastics well.. let me just put it this way. She decided to do yard work and plant some new flower seeds with her leotard on. I asked her a million times to go get change but all she kept saying was that Shawn Johnson wears her leotard all day too. She is just so funny. She actually did really good and she didnt get dirty at all. She had a good time with daddy and showing off her leotard and cartwheels to the neighbors. Im telling you.. what am I gonna do with her? hehehe  she sure keeps us busy.

Ketchup or ice cream

We took the girls out for dinner and we were just amazed how much Melanie enjoys food.. any food!  She ate a whole cup of ketchup and then she decided to go ahead and eat ice cream. It was hilarious to see eat ketchup. She kept dipping her fries, straw, fingers, corn dog, and everything she could find till she finished that ketchup. And of course what kid can resist ice cream?  She ended up covered in ice cream from head to toe that I had to pretty much wash her in the bathroom at the restaurant.. but it was so worth it!  she had a blast and we had a blast too watching her eat lol

She's standing on her own!

Melanie is finally standing on her own!  She has been standing on everything and walking holding on to the furniture for the longest time now but no signs of walking at all, which trust me I am in no rush whatsoever. After Madison's lets walk at 9 months experience I really just love to enjoy Melanie being so little and just taking her sweet time to be walking because then of course.. we will be chasing her everywhere. But of course sometimes I get the itch of her walking so she can play with Maddy outside and stuff and of course.. so she can go to the mommy and me gymnastics class at Aerials!  So today after all this time while we were watching Madison at gymnastics class Melanie decided she was just gonna stand on her own without holding on to anything most of the time we were there! It was so awesome to see her standing on her own like a big girl. She loved getting cheers while she was doing it lol the moms at gymnastics they kept saying.. Go Melanie!   We'll see if she decides to give walking a try anytime soon!

What it takes..

I just posted a very interesting article about what it takes to be a gymnastics parent.. it takes a lot. After reading that article some people might think.. wow gymnastics sucks. But after reading it and taking Madison to gymnastics today I realized that we are in for the ride 100% if she wants to continue moving up. She had a good class today, they learned new elements and she showed off with her dad. I definitely have to say that we will be helping Maddy along the way and if this is what she wants to do then we will do whatever we can to help her succeed. And next week Maddy will be going to watch the State meet!

What it takes to be a gymnastics parent?

What it Takes to Be a Gymnastics Parent
With the 2008 Olympics quickly approaching and Team USA going with their "Wold Champs" title, little girls will be asking their parents "Can I take gymnastics?" Before you let your daughter get into gymnastics, know what you are in for.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Blog makeover coming soon!

Danielle will be giving our blog a makeover!  She makes the most amazing blog makeovers. I cannot wait to see how ours is going to look like!  So stay tuned for our new blog coming soon!

6 more weeks..

And we are leaving on our Disney Cruise!  We are just beyond anxious to go. We have waited almost 9 months from the time we booked it and now we just wanna leave! We leave for Orlando, FL on April 24th. And we will be spending the night in Orlando and our cruise leaves the next day. We have most of the stuff and paperwork we need done. We just gotta do a little bit more shopping for the cruise but not a lot. We are very blessed to be able to take our girls in such an amazing vacation. We will continue to update on our planning and our countdown till we leave!  Mickey Mouse and the Caribbean.. here we come!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Bridge kickover

Madison learned how to do a bridge kickover!  She got a WOW card from Miss Kathy for it. She said that she barely touched her and she got it done all on her own. Here's the video of a few kickovers before the one where she got it all on her own.  She is learning so many new things that my camera cannot keep up with all of them hehe.

Meet our gummi bear

We had our ultrasound today!  We have a cute healthy little gummi bear.. he/she is 4 mm long with a strong heartbeat at 121!  So little!  Everything looks great and Dr Hammond is just so happy to have us back. We are going to start with our 4 week checkups. I am 6 weeks and 1 day pregnant and we are due November 4th. Our big U/S is scheduled for June 8th so now the countdown begins to know what we are having.. the little gummi bear looks to me like a BOY! hehehe. Meet our little bean!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Maddy Johnson in Dancing with the Stars

So as most of you know Shawn Johnson is part of the cast for Dancing With the Stars.. well you can only imagine what Maddy said about that. She waited a whole month from the time she found out to actually be able to see her dance. I bought snacks for us to spend the evening watching Shawn and Madison just couldnt wait. Right before the show started she got her outfit ready (a Shawn johnson leotard and a tutu) because she said that was her Dancing with the Stars outfit. Once the show came on and they annouce Shawn she started screaming so loud and jumping that her eyes were all teary.. I couldnt stop laughing. It was so funny to see her scream like that. She waited patiently the whole show till Shawn came on. Maddy danced right along with her and she was just so happy. We called to vote for Shawn!! Who by the way is in second place right now!  Anyways, here are some pics of Maddy Johnson in Dancing with the Stars.