Tuesday, September 22, 2009

34 weeks already!

I have been slacking quite a bit on the blog. So much going on!  But here we are.. 34 weeks and still pregnant. I am in a lot of pain and with constant medications and shots but I am hanging in there. McKenna is doing great and we are so ready to meet her!  I had an appt today and I am a little over 1 cm dilated and Dr Hammond said that on October 6th we will stop my medications and let her be born. At the latest she will be here by October 9th. So not too much longer!!  Once I hit the 36 week mark she will send me straight to the hospital and we will have this baby. I still cannot believe we are about to have baby.. it feels like we just had Melanie!!.. I cannot wait and mommy, daddy and big sisters are so excited to meet her!!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Look what she did!

Madison is on summer break from gymnastics (thankfully it was only a week since she had camp last week). She has been practicing at home every single day and the other day while we were playing in the playroom and watching her do cartwheels she said... Look mommy what I can do!!.. she got on her mat and did a bridge and out of the nowhere she got a bridge kickover! I screamed so loud that our neighbors probably thought we won the lottery.. well this was way better than the lottery haha. She did it with no problem and I kept telling her oh my goodness Maddy when did you learn how to do that?!  she kept saying.. right now mommy! haha  She was so proud and she kept saying.. look mom now Im just like my big girls!  (her best buds level 10 team). She has been doing bridge kickovers but she gets them done with the wedge mat but now she can do them flat on the floor!! Im so proud of her!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

What can I say?

I have the most talented bestest friend EVER!!!  Kimmi took new pics of the girls and well.. we all know what she does with that camera.. amazing things!!! But my gosh.. this picture made me cry. I am so thankful to have a friend like Kimbo. I am one lucky girl. She took pics of the girls at Palmer Park super nice place and the girls did great!  Although I got attacked by fire ants haha. It was so much fun to see her in action and to see my girls in front of her camera. She is just amazing isnt she??  My babies look so beautiful and Kim has a way of making photography look like a piece of cake!  How does she do that?? I will never know!  I am so thankful that she is there for us to be part of our lives and to capture our best moments in life!... She is also going to be flying to Cali with us to take pictures of my sis and Josh getting married!!  I am sooo looking forward to a weekend of family and to a weekend of having Kimmi there. I want to show her off with the family hehe I talk about her so much and they finally get to meet my Kimbo!... its gonna be so much fun hanging out with her in Cali for the weekend. Here is the sneak peek of the pics she took of the girls.. more to come soon! (gotta give my poor Kim time.. the poor thing has a million sessions in one day.. she is definitely SuperWoman!)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Just like their siblings!

Can you believe this pictures??  The first pic is Ben, Ava and Melanie.. do you know who's on the other pic?? Their older siblings!!  Levi, Allie and Madison!  I love them. I am so grateful to have such amazing friends and that my girls have such amazing little buddies. 

Its official

After a lot of work and thinking we finally came up with a name for our little princess. We dont name our kids after anybody except Matthew and we wanted a name that had an M first of all and that would sound great with the girls names. So her name will be..

McKenna Taylor Larson

20 weeks and 5 days Ultrasound

Thats right!  More pics!  We had an ultrasound yesterday. I will be 21 weeks tomorrow (wednesday). Time sure its flying by!  I am starting to have problems again with contractions and preterm labor so I have been put on a very large dose of medications on top of the weekly shots. Everything looks good so far and the baby looks great! Here are some more pics of her little face!  She is so cute! I cannot wait to meet our little princess.

18 weeks and 5 days Ultrasound pictures

We had our 18 weeks Ultrasound on June 8th. On that day we found out our baby is a girl!.. another little princess. Well, that day the printer was broken so we couldnt get any pictures. The tech saved the pictures in the hard drive so we could have them later and well I had an appointment yesterday and she gave us a ton of pics. Here are the pics of our ultrasound. 18 weeks and 5 days!  Isnt she adorable? and she definitely looks like her brother and sisters. Same mouth and nose! 

Almost 17 months!

Can you believe it?? Look at how big she is now!  In about a week my baby will be 17 months old. In the last month she has changed so much. She is talking a bit, climbing on EVERYTHING and just enjoying her new little world. She definitely knows how to push her sister's buttons but she always gives her a hug if she makes her mad haha. Here's a pic of her new pose. When you tell her Melanie say cheese!! this is what she does. 

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Friends till the end

What can I say.. the Larson girls and the Harms girls are like 2 sets of twins. They are the cutest and the love each other so much!  Definitely we are very lucky to have friends like the Harms family. Arent they the cutest little princesses ever?!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

It's a girl!

That's right!  We are having a girl!  What can I say. I was so sure it was a boy. I guess boys are not in the Larson's plan. Matt was sad.. not because its a girl but because now its for sure that he will never have the little boy that he wanted. We are just so happy and so grateful that she is healthy and we look forward to raising our 3 precious little girls. I always wanted sisters and now I get to experience having little girls running around the house, playing dress up and fighting over the bathroom and clothes when they get older. Now I can definitely expect daddy to go bald and our bank accounts to be at 0. Planning 3 weddings and paying gymnastics tuitions for 3 will be interesting haha. We cant wait!.. Madison, Melanie and Mckenna!!!  I am so excited to have 3 girls. I never thought I would be a mommy of 3 girls and I am so blessed!  We will always miss and wonder what life would have been with Matthew but that wasnt in God's plans.. he is giving us the best gift of all.. 3 cute little girls that are healthy and happy!  The U/S printer was broken so the tech saved the pics in the hard drive so she can print them out for us next week so as soon as I get those pics I promise I will post them so you can see our little Mckenna or like Greatgrandpa calls her.. the little macaroni hehe

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Madison's 1st bar routine

Miss Kathy had the girls do a little bars routine and of course Madison loved it. It seems that the higher she is the more fun it is for her as you can see her face once she jumps to the high bar lol. She loved doing that little routine. She said its just like the big girls. It has been almost a year since she started and its so exciting to see her try new things!!! Here's Maddy's first routine video. Of course I asked her to do a salute and she just went off and started scratching her nose haha.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Do I look like my daddy?

I came across a bunch of pictures of Matt when he was little and we couldnt believe how much Melanie looks like him. The only difference is the blonde hair!.. see for yourself. There is no doubt Melanie looks like Matt!

Maddy and her girls

Maddy is taking class on tuesdays and wednesday now and today when we walked in the gym Madison got a big surprise. Her girls were practicing too!  She was beyond excited to see the whole team!  She got lots of hugs from them and she was just the happiest little gymnast. She had class and she got to watch them practice one thing that she loves and after her class was over she got to hang out with them for a bit. She got pictures with them and she gave them lots of hugs. As we walked to the car she told me that she loves them very much and that she wants to be like them one day. She said she is very proud of them and they are HER girls. Maddy is so sweet!! and they sure love her!  Next week she is gonna get to wear the same leo that the girls have!.. so wait for some pics very soon.. they will be so cute!  She is without a doubt the little team mascot hehe. She wants to be there with them all day. And I am one happy mom to see my little one so happy and I am so proud that she has the coolest girls to look up to, they are amazing gymnasts and amazing friends and role models to Maddy. They sure are a great example for Maddy and she loves them very much! And also, today is Emily's birthday too!  Happy birthday Emily! Here are some pics with Maddy and her girls  (Maggie, Kirsten, Victoria, Lindsey, Holly and Emily)

Chocolate face

This is what happens when you tell your almost 4 year old to give sissy just a TINY little piece of chocolate.. well she gave her half of the bar and we didnt notice what was waiting for us till we looked back and this is what we found. She was one happy chocolatey messy baby!

Sunday, May 31, 2009

17 weeks and 4 days belly pic

I have been slacking with the preggo pics. But here is the new pic.. 17 weeks and 4 days. I am a lot smaller than I was with Melanie for sure. At the same time I had just had Matthew too so I think that was part of why I was so much bigger. The baby is moving a lot and I am loving my new little belly. Only 7 more days and we will know if inside of my belly we have a Maddox or a Mckenna!.. I cant wait!

Melanie a.k.a Melanie Kong

So I guess its true when they say that man came from monkeys.. well I have one at home just without the hair and very cute haha. Melanie decided that she loves standing on the play table and holding on to the dollhouse, chew on the little dolls and roar as loud as she can. Its so funny!.. so call her Melanie Kong. So here it is!..pics of my little gorilla taking over the city hehe

My girls

We had a good relaxing sunday. We did a whole lot of nothing. The girls played all day long and I got a couple cute pics of them together. getting both of them to look at the camera at the same time is nearly impossible hehe but here they are!  I looove them so much!

Melanie and her G's

We got Melanie's new Gdiapers order a couple of days ago and oh boy.. they are cute!!  I ordered her green and blue and the cutest little ruffle G's. I couldnt resist taking some pics. She looks adorable!! I cant wait to know what we are having so I can start my little Gdiapers order for our baby on the way!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Madison got a real gymnastics medal! and a few more updates

Madison is almost 4. Its surreal even saying it out loud. She is definitely not a baby, toddler or anything close. She is a big girl now. She is doing great. Maddy is definitely a ball full of energy. She knows all her numbers, letters, etc. She has been able to read a few things, she can write her name, my name, her dad's name and she is working on her sister's name. She is very smart and very happy little girl. She is doing beyond amazing at gymnastics. Its amazing what she has learned in the last year. On August 4th it will be a year since she started. Miss Kathy is just the most amazing coach I could ask for Maddy. She loves Kathy so much and they make such a good duo. Maddy got a real medal a few weeks ago!  Cheryl and Sarah (sarah is an amazing level 8 at Aerials) and Cheryl (Sarah's mom) is the sweetest girl ever!.. they gave me a medal that belongs to Sarah for Madison. How sweet is that. I cannot thank them enough. Kathy and I made a plan of giving it to Maddy when she could do her bridge kickover by herself. Well.. she did it. Kathy asked Maddy to close her eyes and she put the medal on Maddy. Well.. pictures speak for themselves. She was beyond excited. She wears the medal all day at home. Thank you Sarah and Cheryl so much for the medal and thank you Kathy for everything you do for her!!  She wants for her birthday a real gymnastics warm up (which we bought already just dont tell her) with jewels and her name on it (pretty fancy) and she wants to wear her real medal for her birthday and she asked her dad for flowers so she can march in to her party hahaha.  She is now taking also class with Mr Zac. Madison loves Mr Zac (he is another team coach for level 8), once Maddy starts advance she will have Zac one day and Kathy the other.. so now she has both coaches.. Kathy on wednesday and Zac on tuesday. She loves it.  
She is also done with school!.. she goes back to preschool on September 4th. We are looking forward summer and once she goes back to preschool she will be in the butterfly class. She is so excited!  Thats it for updates on Maddy. She is so cute and she is getting so big!

Trip to California in 13 days!

There are days in our lives where happiness is all you get from those days.. one of those days is approching.. Renee's wedding. I cannot even tell my sis how happy I am. Growing up with brothers I only wished I had a sister to hang out with.. and my wish came true 9 years ago when I started dating Matt. Renee has become such a big part of my life that I dont see my life without her. I am so lucky to have her. She met the sweetest guy and we couldnt be happier to welcome him to the family. Josh is definitely Renee's prince charming except with a motorcycle instead of a horse hehe. In about 13 days Melanie, Madison and I will be flying to California to celebrate Renee's Bridal Shower. I am so happy to spend some time with all of my girls. Madison is beyond excited to see Nana and Pops and all of our family. She is packing up her leotards to show Auntie Cheryl her new moves.  We are so excited!

She's 16 months and she loves gymnastics too!

Well in 2 days. I cant believe my little baby is 16 months old. It seems like it was yesterday when she was born and now she is a cute little toddler. She is now walking like a champ. All over the place and climbing on everything. Only 3 weeks ago she was still wobbling and now I find myself bringing her down from chairs, tables, couches, etc. She seems to be following her sister's steps and Melanie loves gymnastics!  Maddy had a private class with Kathy and Melanie and I were in the gym for a bit watching Maddy. Melanie was all over the place hehe. Everytime I pick Maddy up after gymnastics class Melanie wants to go in the gym and do gymnastics too. She is officially going to start gymnastics with mommy (the mommy and me class) at Aerials on August 7th. I can't wait to take her too!  She is full of energy!  16 months already!  ahhhhh!

17 weeks

I cant believe we are almost half way there. Time is going by so fast. I started my 17P shots (progesterone shots) last week. It was not fun but necessary so I am happy that there is something I can do to keep this baby in and not have any preterm labor problems like I had with Melanie. Dr Hammond does such a great job helping us thru the pregnancy and making sure we are ok. We had an ultrasound last week and everything looks good, lots of fluid and baby moving around and happy. We couldnt find out that day what we are having but I thought I saw boy parts but you never know. We have our big U/S on June 8th at 9:30 am. I cannot wait. I want to see the baby, make sure he/she is ok and find out if we are having a Maddox or a Mckenna. I will update more after our ultrasound. We are so excited!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Almost 15 weeks

Gosh time is flying by!  It feels like it was yesterday when my friend Sarah found out she was pregnant.. now she is due any minute!!  then it feels like it was yesterday when my friend Kim found out she was pregnant and now she is 28 weeks.. and me.. I am still not over the shock of being pregnant again and Im almost 15 weeks pregnant. What a blessing!!!  Im so excited that I cannot even say enough how happy we are. In 3 more weeks and a few days we will find out what this baby is, the million dollars question. I have no idea to be honest. Usually with all of our kids I had an idea or a feeling of what the gender was, but not this time. I have no idea. So we will have to wait and find out!  All we want is a healthy baby. I have been feeling great! No problems at all. I am just enjoying it as much as I can because this is for sure our last baby. In about a week I will be starting my progesterone shots. Not too excited about it I have to say because lets be honest. Who likes to get shots every week for 20 weeks??... yeah thats what I thought haha but they are necessary to help avoid preterm labor like we had with Melanie. I will be getting them once a week for 20 weeks. After 36 weeks then our dr wont stop labor. I cannot wait to see our little family become bigger!  lets admit it a family of 5 is big haha and we couldnt be happier. Matt is still hoping for a boy so all the mommies out there that have a boy... send some blue dust our way. My poor husband is so outnumbered haha. Anyways, thats the pregnant update!  Everything is doing great and I am just anxious to feel the baby move!!  Its funny how even tho this is my 4th pregnancy the excitement is the same. I cant wait. I will update soon with new pics of the baby if I get another U/S in between now and the big U/S if not then we will update after our big U/S!  Not too much longer!  

We are back!!

What can I say!!  Our Disney Cruise was unbelievable!... We were gone from April 24th thru May 2nd.. the best days of our lives. We left to Denver on April 24th and of course Melanie got sick, she spent the night with 102-103 fever and we were worried sick. We were able to get the fever down and we made it to Florida the next day. We got to Orlando around 4 pm and checked in in our hotel. The hotel was actually in the airport!  yes... inside the airport. You could see security checkpoint from our room LOL.. it was pretty cool. We had to take Melanie to an urgent care clinic at the Airport and she had a major ear infection but after a shot of antibiotics and a dose of more antibiotics she was much better. We spent the night there and the next day bright and early off we went to Port Canaveral!!  Our Disney Cruise bus took us there and it was so much fun. Madison was beyond excited. She finally got to see the Disney Magic ship and what a sight!  She couldnt stop screaming. From the moment we got there all the characters started to show up while we waited at the terminal to board. She got to see Mickey and Goofy!  We got pictures taken right when we went in the ship and the coolest part was that there was a crew at the entrance of the ship.. they asked each family for their name and as soon as you walked in the ship they said over the mic.. Welcome the Larson Family and everybody would clap hahaha  Maddy thought it was the coolest thing. There were so many amazing things in the ship, the food, the horn.. hahaha yes.. that was my favorite part. The horn of the ship played  When you Wish Upon a Star!! I thought it was the coolest thing ever. We spent the whole week together, swimming, eating, having fun and not worried about anything but our vacation. The girls got over 30 autographs with the characters, Maddy got to be in stage with Mickey Mouse, we met Captain Jack Sparrow (mommy's favorite haha), we went to beautiful islands, we met wonderful people and we decided since we are now part of the Castaway Club which is a club only for people that have taken Disney Cruises before.. that we will be booking another one in  a couple of years or so. Matt loved it so much that he wants to go back. The girls cannot keep talking about it and actually we were all teary when we had to leave!  What an experience. The shows, the food, the crew, the people we met, it was amazing. Castaway Cay Disney's private island is beyond what we expected. The sand was like baby powder and the water was so clear that Maddy and I spent most of the time looking at starfish and fish under water swimming by our feet. We saw the Flying Dutchman!!  the real ship.. and we got to see Jack Sparrow and take pics with him by the ship. I cannot wait to go back.. and so is Matt. He loved it so much that I cannot even explain how happy and relaxed he was while we were there. He actually loved seeing Mickey Mouse over and over and over again. I made a slideshow with the pictures of our trip. There is so much to tell that I wont even get close to finishing our story in this post. I will update our Disney Cruise blog by day so I can tell you all about it. Definitely this was the most amazing vacation of our lives and we are so blessed to be able to do it... we will definitely be back.. I have the feeling that Disney Cruises as well as Disneyland are going to become part of the Larson's lifestyle haha we wish we could do it every year haha but yeah.. they are not cheap.. so we are off to save up to do it again in a very near future. And of course.. as Mickey Mouse says... Till we meet again!  See ya real soon Mickey!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

12 weeks ultrasound

We had our 1st trimester screening today!  We had an ultrasound to check for any abnormalities, the baby looks perfect! Very healthy and very active. The heartbeat was 151. We are starting on progesterone shots to help my uterus relax so I dont go into preterm labor. I will be getting 1 shot per week till I'm 36 weeks... ouch. But I am doing everything I can to keep this baby in and go thru this pregnancy as smoothly as I can. Heres the picture of our little bean at 12 weeks and 1 day. The baby is measuring 3 days bigger but they didnt change my due date. Only 6 more weeks till we find out what it is!