Friday, May 30, 2008

4 month check up!

Melanie is 4 months old!!! Can you believe it??? I took her to the dr today and here are the stats...

At birth: 5 lbs 11 oz
17.5 inches long

At 1 month: 7 lbs 1 oz
20 inches long

At 2 months: 8 lbs 4 oz
20 3/4 inches long

At 4 months: 10 lbs 15 oz
23 1/4 inches long

As you can see she is growing so much!! She is very very small... the dr said that she is in the 2nd percentile but she is still in the chart! So she was very happy to see that she is doing great. She said that Melanie is a very strong baby... she rolled over already and the way she stands up when you hold her its very good.. she is gonna be like her big sissy.. very athletic
Dr said she is doing amazing. She is responding and doing everything that she should be doing. She got 4 shots and she is not happy right now. She goes back at 6 months.
Because of how small she is Dr recommended not to start solids right now.. she asks us to wait until next month to start giving her solids.
Thats all for now... we are so happy!

Monday, May 26, 2008

A big thanks!

To Kim and Paige for motivating me so much to be healthy and happy!!!
Love you!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Funniest pic of the week...

So this is the pic of the week.. I was going thru some pics from our vacation in Cali and I came across a pic that Renee took of Kurtis.. he is just the funniest guy ever!!! hehehe Sorry cuz... I had to post this. Love you!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

My Kimmi Kim Kim did it again!!!!

Kim did it again.... she took the most amazing pics of Melanie! I am just so amazed on how talented she is... check them out!
Thank you Kim with all our heart! You rock!

Here is Melanie... her 3 and a half months pics.
isnt she adorable??
More to come soon!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

My Gdiaper baby

Here are some pics of my new eco friendly baby... she is so comfy with those diapers and I just love them!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Did Anybody said... G DIAPERS???... I DID!

So we are officially a G Diapers family!!!!
I am a Gmum now and I even joined the Gmum and Gdad program. We switched Melanie to G Diapers completely and...WE LOVE THEM!!! So enviromentally friendly and so cute! We have been trying them out of a couple of weeks and now we are completely happy with them.
Its a little bit of work but we really love them. We made our first big order a couple of days ago and we have officially switched to eco friendly diapers.. I will post pics soon of my little G baby.
Lets all help the earth people!

Tonight its our last night...

With diapers.. Madison will be officially out of diapers as of tomorrow.. day and night. We are starting potty training tomorrow!!!
We told Maddy that her grandma took her diapers with her to give them to another little baby that needs them so its time to be a big girl and no more diapers!
So wish us luck! It will be a long road but Im hoping that she will get it soon.
Goodbye baby years.... hello big girl years!!!

My mommy was here!

So my mommy was here for 2 wonderful and amazing weeks. She did a lot of fun things with the girls and we had a really good time.. Madison loves her grandma. Today when we said goodbye at the airport to my mom it was a horrible and sad goodbye.. Madison held on to my mom and would not let go.. screaming at her Gigi I want Gigi.. it was awful.. a whole line of people waiting to go thru security checkpoint looked at the scene with a lot of sadness. I am so sad that she went home and Maddy has been very upset all day but we are thankful that we had this amazing two weeks with her.. We will be going to Mexico for about a month in September/October so we are looking forward to it!
Gigi... we love you so much and we miss you already!
I love you mommy
Here are some pics of my mommy's visit.