Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Just like their siblings!

Can you believe this pictures??  The first pic is Ben, Ava and Melanie.. do you know who's on the other pic?? Their older siblings!!  Levi, Allie and Madison!  I love them. I am so grateful to have such amazing friends and that my girls have such amazing little buddies. 

Its official

After a lot of work and thinking we finally came up with a name for our little princess. We dont name our kids after anybody except Matthew and we wanted a name that had an M first of all and that would sound great with the girls names. So her name will be..

McKenna Taylor Larson

20 weeks and 5 days Ultrasound

Thats right!  More pics!  We had an ultrasound yesterday. I will be 21 weeks tomorrow (wednesday). Time sure its flying by!  I am starting to have problems again with contractions and preterm labor so I have been put on a very large dose of medications on top of the weekly shots. Everything looks good so far and the baby looks great! Here are some more pics of her little face!  She is so cute! I cannot wait to meet our little princess.

18 weeks and 5 days Ultrasound pictures

We had our 18 weeks Ultrasound on June 8th. On that day we found out our baby is a girl!.. another little princess. Well, that day the printer was broken so we couldnt get any pictures. The tech saved the pictures in the hard drive so we could have them later and well I had an appointment yesterday and she gave us a ton of pics. Here are the pics of our ultrasound. 18 weeks and 5 days!  Isnt she adorable? and she definitely looks like her brother and sisters. Same mouth and nose! 

Almost 17 months!

Can you believe it?? Look at how big she is now!  In about a week my baby will be 17 months old. In the last month she has changed so much. She is talking a bit, climbing on EVERYTHING and just enjoying her new little world. She definitely knows how to push her sister's buttons but she always gives her a hug if she makes her mad haha. Here's a pic of her new pose. When you tell her Melanie say cheese!! this is what she does. 

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Friends till the end

What can I say.. the Larson girls and the Harms girls are like 2 sets of twins. They are the cutest and the love each other so much!  Definitely we are very lucky to have friends like the Harms family. Arent they the cutest little princesses ever?!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

It's a girl!

That's right!  We are having a girl!  What can I say. I was so sure it was a boy. I guess boys are not in the Larson's plan. Matt was sad.. not because its a girl but because now its for sure that he will never have the little boy that he wanted. We are just so happy and so grateful that she is healthy and we look forward to raising our 3 precious little girls. I always wanted sisters and now I get to experience having little girls running around the house, playing dress up and fighting over the bathroom and clothes when they get older. Now I can definitely expect daddy to go bald and our bank accounts to be at 0. Planning 3 weddings and paying gymnastics tuitions for 3 will be interesting haha. We cant wait!.. Madison, Melanie and Mckenna!!!  I am so excited to have 3 girls. I never thought I would be a mommy of 3 girls and I am so blessed!  We will always miss and wonder what life would have been with Matthew but that wasnt in God's plans.. he is giving us the best gift of all.. 3 cute little girls that are healthy and happy!  The U/S printer was broken so the tech saved the pics in the hard drive so she can print them out for us next week so as soon as I get those pics I promise I will post them so you can see our little Mckenna or like Greatgrandpa calls her.. the little macaroni hehe

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Madison's 1st bar routine

Miss Kathy had the girls do a little bars routine and of course Madison loved it. It seems that the higher she is the more fun it is for her as you can see her face once she jumps to the high bar lol. She loved doing that little routine. She said its just like the big girls. It has been almost a year since she started and its so exciting to see her try new things!!! Here's Maddy's first routine video. Of course I asked her to do a salute and she just went off and started scratching her nose haha.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Do I look like my daddy?

I came across a bunch of pictures of Matt when he was little and we couldnt believe how much Melanie looks like him. The only difference is the blonde hair!.. see for yourself. There is no doubt Melanie looks like Matt!

Maddy and her girls

Maddy is taking class on tuesdays and wednesday now and today when we walked in the gym Madison got a big surprise. Her girls were practicing too!  She was beyond excited to see the whole team!  She got lots of hugs from them and she was just the happiest little gymnast. She had class and she got to watch them practice one thing that she loves and after her class was over she got to hang out with them for a bit. She got pictures with them and she gave them lots of hugs. As we walked to the car she told me that she loves them very much and that she wants to be like them one day. She said she is very proud of them and they are HER girls. Maddy is so sweet!! and they sure love her!  Next week she is gonna get to wear the same leo that the girls have!.. so wait for some pics very soon.. they will be so cute!  She is without a doubt the little team mascot hehe. She wants to be there with them all day. And I am one happy mom to see my little one so happy and I am so proud that she has the coolest girls to look up to, they are amazing gymnasts and amazing friends and role models to Maddy. They sure are a great example for Maddy and she loves them very much! And also, today is Emily's birthday too!  Happy birthday Emily! Here are some pics with Maddy and her girls  (Maggie, Kirsten, Victoria, Lindsey, Holly and Emily)

Chocolate face

This is what happens when you tell your almost 4 year old to give sissy just a TINY little piece of chocolate.. well she gave her half of the bar and we didnt notice what was waiting for us till we looked back and this is what we found. She was one happy chocolatey messy baby!