Friday, February 27, 2009

An evening with Maddy

So last night after Matt got home Maddy said she wanted to show us her routines so she made us sit down and watch her.. I grabbed the new camera that Matt bought me because I figured that this was a good opportunity to get gymnastics pics on time hehe. She was so funny. She made sure she had a leotard on, that she did her salute before she started, and that she got the right moves like her friends from the team. Also we were a little surprised that she attempted a press handstand!  lol  Matt and I just looked at each other asking how she knew what a press handstand was hehe. She got pretty high when she was doing it!   Here are the pics of a night with Maddy Johnson :)

Sister time!

I love my girls so much. They just make my life so wonderful. They have such a good time together and now that Melanie is a lot older Maddy thinks her sister is the coolest toy of the bunch lol. I bought Maddy some glitter color wonder paper and they had a blast with it. And then of course they played when daddy got home so Matt and I just sat by the stairs watching our little ones play. The coolest thing is that both of us realized that now we are adding another one to the bunch and it will be so much fun!!  3 kids is just really a good number for us. We are very happy and very blessed!

First pic

Here's the first pic that we took with the new camera.. actually believe it or not Maddy took it hehe. I dont even know how to edit them or make them prettier but just the fact that I got her with the cheerio before she took it off her nose that was the whole purpose of the camera. 

Thank you Mattchew!

For a while now I have been dying to get a nicer camera.. not to do anything fancy but so I can get nicer pics and be able to capture exactly the moment that I wanna take a pic of. With my kids no camera is fast enough lol. Usually they do something and right when I take the pic they are done. So my sis has a Canon camera that I absolutely love and everytime she comes to see us I just love the pics it takes and I usually just take it so I can play with it. Well we found a deal on Ebay that we just couldnt believe so my lovely husband bought it for me!  Thank you Mattchew!  I have been playing with it for a couple of days now and even tho I dont really know what the heck am I doing I manage to get a few pics and I am very happy!.  Thanks Nay Nay for all the advice, chats, phone calls, etc to find out more about the camera hehehe. 

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

New video!

So today I asked Miss Kathy if I could go in the gym and take a video of Maddy doing trampoline. I was finally able to get a close up of her doing back tucks!  It was great seeing her having such a good time. Miss Kathy told Maddy that Maggie was watching her and on the last back tuck she kept looking back to see where was Maggie and she did it all funky hahaha. She was just making sure Maggie was watching her. And I also found out that Miss Kathy calls them Fliparoonies hahaha when they do them in the air. lol I gotta remember that because it sounds so funny!  Fliparoonies hehe.

Maggie and Maddy getting stamps!

What can I say... there are 5 girls that Maddy absolutely adores and looks up to. Maggie, Sharaya, Victoria, Kirsten and Britnee. They are the level 10 team of Colorado Aerials.. their coach is also Miss Kathy. Well Maddy asks me for the every single day and today she had the awesome surprise that Maggie was training while Maddy was in class!  She got the surprise of her life. She even stopped doing gymnastics because she was watching Maggie like a hawk. At the end of class her and Maggie got to get stamps together (hehe funny thing is that Maggie is 16) haha but she still got stamps with Maddy!  She left gymnastics so happy!  Congrats to the team!  They got 1st at their meet in Idaho!  We cannot wait to hear the results for the meet this weekend in Florida!

Gymnastics buddies!

Maddy looves her friends!  Emma and Bella are Maddy's buddies from gymnastics. She just loves them and they have such an amazing time together!  They are all so good and they just love spending time flipping and doing cartwheels!  Here's a pic that we took this morning before class.  Bella is on the left, Emma in the middle and Maddy.


So a little over a week or so we decided to attempt pigtails on Melanie.. I didnt realize how much hair my kid has!  Her pigtails are as full as Maddy's were when she was 2 and a half years old! She got full pigtails but she hated them. Once they were up she was fine but doing her hair was like torture for Melanie.. she screamed her head off. She looks so cute and so girly. I love having girls!!


Monday, February 23, 2009

We are pregnant!

Thats right!  The Larson family is happy to announce that we will be having a baby!  We are due in October. The exact due date is to be determined on thrusday by our dr. We are very excited and shocked of course but very happy that we will be having a little baby sister or baby brother for Madison, Matthew and Melanie!  What a blessing!  

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Madison's gymnastics pictures by Kim Harms Photography

1 year old pictures by Kim Harms Photography

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Maddy's back tuck without holding on to the harness video!

Gymnastics update!

So Madison started gymnastics twice a week now!  (of course double tuition) but so worth it! She is really happy to be there more than once a week and trust me.. she has learned so much going twice a week!  She has been doing great. She finally got her pullover on bar and her back tuck without holding on to the harness all by herself!  She has been trying for weeks to get her pullover and she finally got it!  She is just the happiest shrimp when she is at gymnastics and we are very grateful with Miss Kathy because her monday class was full!  and she added Maddy to her class so she can be in her class. Heres a pic that we took the other day with Miss Kathy and her wednesday morning class. Arent they all so cute!!!???  Maddy loves her friends. I am so happy she has got to meet so many new friends and she has such an amazing time with them.

She had her 1 year check up and here are her stats!

At birth:  5 lbs 11 oz
17.5 inches long

At 1 month:  7 lbs 1 oz
20 inches long

At 2 months:  8 lbs 4 oz
20 3/4 inches long

At 4 months:  10 lbs 15 oz
23 1/4 inches long

At 6 months:  13 lbs 3 oz
25 inches long

At 9 months:  15 lbs 13 oz
26 1/2 inches long

At 1 year:  17 lbs 6.5 oz
27 3/4 inches long

She is doing great!  Her ped said that Melanie is just growing and learning great!  Even tho she was a preemie she has been able to catch up with babies her age. She isnt walking yet and for what I can see she has no rush (thank goodness) so she will when she is ready. She still has 2 teeth (the other 2 are stuck and wont come out) so she is my little tiny baby. She had 5 shots (poor thing) but she is doing wonderful!  Way to go sweetie pie!

Birthday Party Pics!

Here are lots of birthday pics!  She had a blast and we are so grateful to everybody who came to celebrate her 1st birthday with her. Thank you for all the wonderful presents!
Happy Birthday Melanie!