Tuesday, September 30, 2008

8 months old

Melanie is 8 months old.. where has time gone! She is just the most amazing baby. She loves her sister and Melanie and Madison are inseparable. They really are. Maddy doesnt like to go out and be without her sissy. We love you little princess! 8 months already since you blessed our lives and we cannot wait to see you grow into a little princess like your big sister!

Hanging out with the family!

Greataunt Judy and Greatuncle Ken came to Springs to celebrate Talia's birthday with her and we all got to hang out together. It was lots of fun and it was great to see them!.. We went to ITZ together for dinner and to play. We cannot wait to spend Christmas with everybody!

Woof Woof

When you are in need of a crib..... Here is the solution! Woof Woof!


Talia turned 7! I cannot believe how old she is now. It seems like yesterday when we moved here and she wasnt a whole lot older than Maddy is now. We went over to the Lollich's house to see Aunt Judy and Uncle Ken too and celebrate Tali's birthday with her. Here are some pics of E, Tali, Maddy and Melanie... Happy Birthday Tali Wally!

Her first bike!

Matt found a Barbie bike at a Goodwill (how come I am not surprised? lol) anyways, he bought it for her and she got to ride it the other day. Its still big for her but for 9 dollars its a good deal. Needs to be cleaned and we need to get little things for it like a basket and stuff but it was a steal! Here are some pics

Ava and Melanie

The little ones are getting so big! And now they are starting to notice each other. Arent they cute??!!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Madison Johnson

Madison has officially changed her name to Madison Johnson.. LOL the girl is all about gymnastics! She does flips all day long and now she started to wave.. she said that she waves like Shawn Johnson does lol See for yourself! LOL any similarities in the way of how they wave at the crowd?? in Maddy's case.. her sister, Kim M and mommy hehe

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

3 full back flips in a row!

Today they worked also in trampoline. She loves it and especially when they get to work on it using the harness. Last week she did a full back flip all by herself and this week she did 3 in a row! Madison is without a doubt the smallest one in her class but hey!... Shawn Johnson is 4' 8" tall so that is most definitely an advantage hehe
Here are a couple of pics


Maddy had gymnastics today and they worked on bars. Allie went to see Maddy at gymnastics and she was so excited to see her best friend watching her do gymnastics. She kept waving at Allie during class saying.. There's Allie!! She did so good today! Miss Kathy said that Madison is so brave and so strong... she said.. she is just so good!
Here are some pics of her working on bars

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Gap casting call!

The Larson girls are in the Gap Casting Call 2008!!! There are so many kids already in it but I decided to send their pics. I think my kids are freaking cute so why not. LOL The casting will close on October 22nd and they will pick 5 kids from each category. Then they will let people vote for the winner from December 8th-21st... so keep your fingers crossed!! hehe.

My little Zowie from Rolie Polie Olie

We got Madison's costume that she picked out yesterday. She got to try it out today and she loved it. Kind of big if you ask me but the kid freaking loved it.. Here are the pics and the cartoon pic just if you are wondering what show is this character from hehe.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Like my new ride?

We got a hiking backpack for Melanie.. well for me. Its a Phil and Teds one and I just absolutely love it!! We bought it for the Cruise and now that we have it I cannot say how awesome it is! and by the way... she loves it and Madison too. She also likes riding in it.
What do you think?

Some pics of us

We dont really get to take pics of the 4 of us very often because well... Im usually the one that takes the pics. Here are a couple of pics of us that we took during the week Mom and Dad were here.

Royal Gorge train

We went to the Royal Gorge train ride with mom and dad.. it was so fun!! Madison has never been in a real train ride before and we just couldnt wait for her to go. As some of you might know she was really sick last sunday. We had tickets for A day with Thomas and we couldnt go so we were really excited to take her! Thank you mom and dad for an amazing week!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Halloween fashion show

So I bought Madison and Melanie matching Halloween costumes. I thought cool! we are done! well... we are not. My lovely 3 year old going on 15 decided that she didnt want to be THAT kitty. So there we go... back to Old Navy to return the Halloween costumes. So she decided she wanted to be Hello Kitty. Well... I ordered the Hello Kitty costume that look so darn cute on the pic but when we got it... it was awful! The quality is so bad that the plush is falling apart, the hat wont stay and the liner of the costume scratch her whole body! UGH! So off we go... to buy another one! So finally she picked out Zowie from Disney's Rolie Polie Olie. Cool... Maddy is done. What about Melanie? Well, the whole point of the kitty costume was for the girls to match and since Maddy picked out another one we ended up getting Melanie her own costume. Here are the pics of what they are gonna wear.. and this time is for real! lol. I will update it with pics of Maddy wearing her Zowie costume but we are still waiting for it to be delivered. So for now I will post the catalog pic. And here is Melanie wearing her costume!

My little panda bear

Gotta love Gymboree!!! I got Melanie this outfit for fall and I just needed to share this pic. She looks so cute! Can you believe she is almost 8 months old?!

New ballet pics

So the day Pops and Nana went to see Maddy at ballet we took new pics. She did awesome! And the whole time she kept making sure that Nana and Pops were watching her. Here they are!

Nana and Pops

Maddy and Melanie are enjoying so much having them here. We have done so much with them! shopping, hanging out, Pops reads books for Maddy, and we are going on a train ride tomorrow! She wanted Pops and Nana to come see her at ballet and gymnastics. Here are some pics that I took before class.