Monday, November 3, 2008

9 months old

Our baby girl is 9 months old. Now that is going to make me cry! She is getting so big, she is doing so many fun things and growing so fast. Her favorites are now... sissy, goldfish, cheerios, her seahorse, mommy, daddy, Nemo, chewing on her hands, grabbing Daddy's glasses, dancing, playing and chasing her sister around, screaming and talking to herself and Mrs Bunny, etc.
She is doing so much now.. she can stand by herself and walk around the furniture and a few days ago she was able to stand on her own! without holding on to anything. She is a little vacuum. Anything that is in front of her she will eat. Can you believe she is 9 months? Not me. Happy 9 months Meuuuuanie! We love you so much