Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Here it is!

Madison had a good class today! She continues to do awesome and I can tell that the more she goes to gymnastics the more she knows the routine and all the exercises. They worked on bars today again and now I can tell that she knows what to do. Hopefully soon she will be able to do some things without help. I saw the class that was going after Maddy's.. its the preschool advance class. Miss Kathy mentioned that class before about how she wants Maddy at some point to go in it. I really hope she does. They dont start for another year or so so Im hoping that during this time she will get to practice and maybe later on to be invited to be in it.
Here's a video that I took today of Maddy doing full back tucks on the harness. She just seems so little to me right next to everybody else.. lol like a baby on a jumperoo hahaha but like I said before, gymnastics is the one sport where being little and muscular is definitely an advantage lol.