Monday, October 6, 2008

She met her!! She actually met her!

Shawn Johnson that is! That's right! We went to the gymnastics tour yesterday and we were waiting before the exhibition and we saw Maddy's coach Miss Kathy. She was coaching one of the girls from Maddy's gym that was invited to do an exhibition and we went to say hi to Miss Kathy. All of the sudden Shawn started walking towards us! She was right in front of us and she said hi to Maddy!! Maddy kept telling Miss Kathy.. Look Look Miss Kaffy (she cant say Kathy lol) its my Shawn Johnson! I love my Shawn Johnson! hehehe So Shawn said hi to Madison and off she went! She is a very nice girl but sooooo busy! The whole tour was awesome and Maddy had a blast. After we left I had to pick her up and drag her out of the Arena after a lovely tantrum because she kept telling me that it was her turn to do gymnastics lol. Here are some pics of last night. We couldnt get a pic with Shawn because as soon as she started saying hi to Maddy she was called to get ready so she ran but at least she got to meet her in person! We had 1st row seats so we saw them so close! Oh and the blonde lady chatting with Nastia on the pic is Maddy's coach Miss Kathy!